White Stretch Marks

The Truth About White Stretch Marks

Do you have white stretch marks? Nearly everyone gets stretch marks, but what do the white stretch marks mean and how can you get rid of them?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is suddenly stretched. This can happen when one gains weight, such as during pregnancy, or during pregnancy. When the skin is stretched then the dermal collagen is damaged and the blood vessels dilate. This can cause red or purple stretch marks early on. Over time, they will lessen in color and turn white in appearance, like scars will usually turn to after awhile.

White Stretch MarksThere are also some medications that can cause stretch marks to form. Oral steroids are one type of medication that can be a culprit. Even low potency steroid cream and ointments can affect the pigment of the skin in such a way that stretch marks can develop.

Basically, white stretch marks are stretch marks that have been around for awhile and are starting to fade. You might notice them more prominently on your bottom, thighs, and stomach. They don’t always appear due to pregnancy or weight gain. In fact, sometimes they appear when you’ve had a growth spurt during adolescence.

Stretch marks are the most common types of skin lesions and one of the biggest things that women try to eradicate. In pregnancy, nearly all women get stretch marks to a certain degree. They also affect more than half of all adolescent females, too.

New stretch marks, such as the ones that you might develop during pregnancy, tend to be red or even purple in color. On the other hand, the ones that you gained during adolescence might be more silvery or white.

There are some creams that might be helpful in eradicating white stretch marks. If the stretch marks are older, then using topical creams that contain glycolic acid and L-ascorbic acid everyday might help improve their appearance. White stretch marks might also respond well to light-based therapies that are non-invasive and gentle.

For older stretch marks, microdermabrasion might be helpful, too. In microdermabrasion, tiny particles are sand blasted against your skin which can help remove old scars-even acne scars. It usually takes several applications in order to get the scars to fade and the procedure can run on the pricey side, but it is an option.

The microdermabrasion is best used when it is use in addition to other methods, such as when it is accompanied by creams and topical ointment. Using it alone as a means to get rid of the stretch marks is fairly as effective.

If you want to try and eradicate your stretch marks, it’s almost always best to start treating them while they are still red and purplish looking. Once they turn white and silvery, it becomes more difficult to get rid of them. Sometimes, however, if the stretch marks formed early enough and are located on areas that are difficult to see, such as your bottom, then you might not even know that they are there.

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