Vital Needs of the Skin

Washing, cleansing, toning, moisturizing and massaging are the vital needs of the skin and are discussed in detail as follows:

Washing and Cleansing

Try not to disturb the skins normal function any more than you have to. Left to itself, the skin is a remarkable self-cleansing and self-nourishing organ and both nourishing and cleansing come from the inside. The purpose of washing is to take off surface grime and excess oil regularly and efficiently, but never abrasively.

Because the skin is constantly changing in response to different stimuli, what is right one week may not always be appropriate the next. Pay attention to your skin. If it feels dry and taut, you maybe treating it too harshly, using very strong products or exposing it too much to sun and wind. If it is shiny and oily with a tendency to break out, ask yourself if you are removing every trace of make-up removers, whether you would be better off washing it with soap and water or whether, perhaps, you are over-washing it. If your skin develops lumps, bumps, pimples or scaly patches, simplify cleansing and make-up routines wash or cleanse the skin, once a day only.

Then move your fingertips in circles around the nose.

It is essential to remember that the area under the eyes has to be massaged from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, going over the top lid to the outer corner and again going under, thus completing a round. Repeat ten times, using your finger tips.

Then work your fingers to the forehead. Start from the eyebrows upto the brow line, in upward strokes.

Frown lines if. any, can be removed by massaging in circles on the forehead with your fingertips.

Prevent laugh lines around the mouth by moving in circles sound the mouth line, starting from the corners of the mouth to the ides of the nose.

Use your thumbs to massage the chin. Incase you have a double chin, do a little bit of pinching at that area.

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