Useful Tips for Beautiful Feet and Legs

• To get rid of knee darkness, apply a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice (in equal proportion) with the help of cotton wool and wash off after 30 mts. Repeat daily for a few days.

• Massaging legs with almond oil is most ideal in order to maintain them in very good condition.

• A footbath with a dash of bath salts is very soothing and relaxing and does away with pain and odours.

• Rub the heels and soles of feet with pumice stone to slough away dead, dry skin and to whiten the heels.

• Try to keep the feet as dry as you possibly can, since bacteria combines with sweat and decomposition sets in. This leads
to foul smelling feet which can definitely be embarrassing.

• Use cotton socks as far as possible.

• Use foot powder as an anti-perspirant.

• Avoid shoes with a plastic lining.

• Exercise your feet to improve circulation.

• Massage your feet with petroleum jelly at night.

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