Top 10 food to help you lose weight

Aah! The battle with the bulge. It has always been a hard fought battle to keep the flab off. There is no easy way to it. Many women have attested to healthy living and chronic dieting to keep thin and fit. However, chronic dieting may bring about adverse complications to the health. And even though there is no instant way for losing weight, there are a few food that you can take to help you lose weight and yet at the same time promote a sense of wellbeing for your body. So here goes:


Salads are a good way of getting a nutritious, fiber filled meal. Fill up your salad bowl with tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce and cucumber. All these vegetables are low in calories. Then dress up your salad with lemon juice as salad dressing. If that bowl of salad is not sufficient for your lunch, put it in between bread and you get a sandwich!


Eat oranges. Oranges have very little calories and a lot of fiber. Furthermore, you’ll be getting your daily dose of Vitamin C. A win-win situation!


Munch on grapes. They are high on sugar but low in fat. It also serves as a great side dish for your lunch!


No, we are not talking about those chips or fries. Bake them or boil them, potatoes are a great food to satisfy your hunger cravings. Have them mashed and add a little pepper with a dash of lime.


This list would never be complete without high fiber cereal. Oats, muesli, grain! Eat them all up for breakfast. Drench it with skimmed milk.


Drink lots of it! Water has no calories and it is a great way of silencing your stomach when it’s demanding to be fed!

Lean ground turkey

Substitute your meat with lean ground turkey. Eat it in a sandwich or along with salad.

Olive oil

Use it as dressing for your salad. Or if you are cooking,  use olive oil. The monounsaturated fat is good for your heart and helps you burn calories.


Don’t cringe at it. It may be too light to be filling but it’s full of the protein that you need!


Instead of that doughnut in the morning, what about an egg? It will satisfy your hunger and it is full of protein

So there you go, a list ten food that you should eat to be healthy while losing weight!

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