The Secrets of Detox Foot Spa

You cannot always get away from illness and stress. Due to changing weather, too much work and low immune system, there may be days that you’ll inevitably get sick. If you are looking for a way to remove all the common illnesses and stress, the most natural and tested way to do this is through a detox foot spa.

As the term implies, foot detoxification is a way to remove bad toxins in your body via your feet. Why through the feet? Since your feet are the parts of your body that have the most sweat glands, experts believe that detoxifying through your feet is an effective way of cleansing your body. This technique has been first discovered by the Japanese and has now been one of the most popular means of helping people relax and feel better.

The taking out of unwanted toxins is achieved through the use of an ionized foot soak. You can go to any foot spa to experience this, or you can purchase the machine for home use. The process requires you to submerge your feet in the foot soak with warm water for 30 minutes. With the help of some essential herbs toxins that cause you common ailments like headache, skin problems and arthritis, will be eradicated.

How does this happen?

The detox foot spa creates a bio-energetic reaction in the water and enters into the body through your feet glands. The detox now stimulates your body circulation, which aids in flushing out wastes out of your body. Once this happen, the water in the foot soak turns brown. This change in color does not represent the toxins that are released from your body. But still, you just can’t deny the effectiveness of detox foot spa. After one session, you will definitely feel renewed and stress-free. For optimum results, it is recommended to do six treatments within one to two months. A successful session needs to last for at least half an hour (30 minutes).

There are also some things you need to remember before engaging in any foot detoxification activity. First of all, make sure you drink enough water and have had a good meal, especially if you have low blood sugar. Also, proceed to remove any metal from your body since the ionized foot soak also has a metal in it.

With all these tips, you will can look excitedly forward to better days ahead. Many regular spa goers have said that detox foot spa is effective, and a lot of people who have purchased home foot spa machines for home use have expressed the same opinion. This unique way of flushing out bad toxins in our body has been used and trusted by ancient groups of people – the Egyptians used to submerge in the River Nile with electric fishes, and the Japanese have gone to hot springs to get the results they want. By doing it the right way and regularly, you can now be assured of non-toxic, non-stressful days ahead.


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