Get Skinny Legs by Doing These 5 Moves!

If you ask any women at the gym, one of their top goals is to get a set of Skinny Legs.

You will be able to feel confident this summer wearing a pair of shorts or even a skirt.

Knowing what Skinny Legs workout will be effective is very important, since it helps you get the legs you want. Once you understand them, you can add them to your fitness plan.

So that you can achieve your goal quickly, below are the top Skinny Legs workout you should consider doing.


Lunges are the initial move that are great to give a more defined appearance. There are many advantages you will be able to see from lunges, these include working the glutes, hamstrings, quads and even help to maintain your balance.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


The next movement is squats, these should help provide you with quick results. Squats are also a compound movement so will target every single muscle in the lower body and in addition to that, they’re also one of the best strength developers. These workouts help to lose the amount of calories your body is able to burn, it’s because they help to add more lean muscle mass to your frame.

Rear Leg Raises

Rear leg raises help to firm the bum region, this is because the exercise targets muscles around the bum region. These workouts are ideal as they help you to tone up and not increase in size since you are not using weights.

Uphill Walking

Uphill walking ought to be added into your lean legs workout program as it does offer a lot of benefits. These exercises might help to strengthen your lower back along with burn calories. Running can impact the lower back, therefore if you do have problems with back pain these exercises are ideal.


skinny legsDead-lifts are the final exercise that shouldn’t be overlooked as they are perfect for firming your bum and strengthening the lower back as well as core muscles. You should perform the exercise by squeezing from the glutes and using your bum muscles, as opposed to using your lower back. When doing the rising part of the exercise it is best to keep the back flat, doing so will avoid lower back pain.

You will likely be one step closer to getting skinny legs if you do the above exercises 3 days a week. Therefore these 5 movements ought to be included with your lower body workout.