Skin Care

Skin is one of the most appealing assets of a woman which needs a lot of special care to keep it glowing. Each and every aspect of skin- care has been covered in this section of the book.

The most appealing asset which any woman can possess is good skin which looks supple and feels soft to the touch. This asset needs to be cherished and protected from time to time. The skin needs fighters to protect it against ultra violet rays and pollution attacks. It also requires gentle nourishment to keep it healthy and fit.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Apart from performing various functions like eliminating toxins from the body and regulating it’s temperature, it also keeps us in touch with the rest of the world. The skin is divided into three main layers.

The ‘hypodermics’ is the deepest layer where no cosmetic product can reach.

The ‘dermis’ is the middle layer which produces collagen and elastin that maintain the

firmness suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

The ‘epidermis’ is the top-most layer, the prime function of which infection and loss of water. Since all cosmetic product act here it is essential to look after this layer very carefully.

Knowing Your Skin-Type:

Normally, the skin falls into one of the three categories viz-normal, dry or greasy (oily). If the skin feels smooth, supple and elastic, it is normal. A healthy normal skin is unblemished with no enlarged pores or flaky dead cells. A flaky and dull looking skin is generally dry and needs a lot of extra care. A greasy (oily) skin often has blockheads and is prone to acne and various disorders.

Some people have a combination skin in which case the middle of the face is shiny of the rest of the face either has a normal or dry skin.

It is essential to find out your skin type so that you can look after it accordingly and take the required care.

Allow skin-type to determine skin care routine and you will be giving your skin the best possible attention.

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