Quick and Easy Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms!

As a mom you probably feel like you have no time for yourself and that you’re being pulled in all different directions. Throughout the day you have to be a mom, a wife, maybe an employee or a volunteer and it’s not very often that you find the time to just be you, or to do something just for you.

Whether you want to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy, or just get fitter so it’s easier to look after and play with your children we have some quick and easy weight loss tips for busy moms to get you on the right track.

1. Start the day out right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you start every day with a healthy breakfast. If time is short then a bowl of wholegrain cereal or a couple of slices of wholewheat toast is perfect. When your children are older make a date to eat breakfast together every morning and make eggs or omelettes to eat together.

2. Plan the family menu

Menu planning is really popular right now because it allows busy moms to create home cooked meals for the family even if they have to spend the day at work, or ferrying the kids around to different activities and sports.

Each week spend an hour planning what your family will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week ahead. Think about leftovers too, rather than having everyone clear their plates (which is a sure fire way to weight gain) use the leftovers to make a meal for the following day.

Planning your meals this way saves time at the grocery store as you’ll only need to go once a week and you’ll know exactly what you need to buy.

You can also save time by batch cooking most of the meals in a single afternoon and then popping them in the fridge or the freezer to reheat when you need them.

For some great meal ideas and healthy recipes (including exciting ways to use your leftovers) invest in a copy of the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook.

3. Get active with the children

Quick and Easy Weight LossIf you’re looking at your day ahead and wondering how you can possibly fit in time to take an exercise class or go to the gym don’t worry, there are still ways to exercise. Instead of a formal program you just need to think about how you can get active with the children.

If you have a baby think about investing in a jogging stroller, you can jog by yourself around the local park, or you could join a stroller fit group.

If your children are older then do what they do, take them to the park and have a go on the swings yourself. Or play tag, or soccer or just throw and catch a ball together. If they’re old enough to ride a bike buy yourself one and go on bike rides together.

Your kids will enjoy the time you spend playing together and you’ll get fit and healthy without even realizing it.