Preventing Stretch Marks – That Can Help You Go Through The Cure

Stretch marks are formed when the skin is forcefully stretched due to excessive gain of weight, pregnancy or other medical conditions. However, stretch marks can be prevented if you use the right methods at the right time and here are some of  the most common ways used today.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When you are in the situation where you expect you will get stretch marks such as being pregnant or following intense activity/exercise that will boost your muscles and thus, stretch your skin in the process; you need to ensure that you provide your skin with the elasticity required in order not to stretch the skin in the process.

One of the common ways of preventing stretch marks is usage of specific creams that contain a high dose of vitamin E, A and C. Usually Aloe Vera creams are recommended especially before the stretch marks appear, once they have been formed it is crucial you soothe them with creams and lotions in order to allow the skin to expand as required, especially in pregnancy.

Preventing Stretch MarksDuring pregnancy preventing stretch marks is a must, as almost always your skin will get over stretched and form stretch marks around the belly. Those who wish to lose large amounts of weight should use creams that are preventing stretch marks as well and a sensible diet in order to lose the weight safely and gradually.

Both during pregnancy and when trying to lose excessive amounts of weight, exercising as indicated for your present health condition will help tone the muscle and reduce the possibilities of having stretch marks.

Helpful Tip

All stretch marks are curable today with various types of remedies such as chemical peels, topical retinoid therapy and pulse dye laser surgery in case you did not follow a therapy for preventing stretch marks. Also you should know that preventing stretch marks don’t always work as expected especially in case of a pregnancy later in life or if you have extra sensitive skin.

Always consult your doctor before starting any treatment for preventing stretch marks as some stretch marks creams are not recommended in certain cases and may interfere with your present state of health. Once you have your doctor’s recommendations of what is best for you, use it as indicated without missing a day. Take care now so you do not have to undergo more complex treatment to erase the stretch marks later.

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