Monsoon – Body Care


The key to being alive and kicking during the monsoons lies in keeping your body clean and dry.

we must change our clothes and dry the body with a soft towel, immediately after getting soaked in the rain.

A talcum powder should be used to prevent various fungal and bacterial infections as also itching.

Roadside food should be avoided and one must drink loads of water to flush out the toxins from the body.

One must avoid getting wet in the rain, especially during the first shower of monsoons as rain water is polluted and extremely harmful for the hair and skin.

According to Ayurveda, the powder of vayu (air) element increases during the rain while agni’s (Fire’s) power lessens, which weakens our body’s immunity and leads to the growth of many diseases. Ayurveda recommends avoiding the following during the rainy season:

1. Sleeping in daytime
2. Over exertion
3. Exposure to the sun


Excessive humidity during this season can make the skin either too oily or dehydrated. A water based moisturiser should be used to prevent acne and water loss.

A natural look is the preferred look this season. So, the makeup should be minimal.

A foundation is best avoided and instead a face powder can be used sparingly.

Water proof mascaras and eyeliners should be used.

Avoid creamy, glossy lipsticks.

Splash your face with water 3-4 times a day.

Squeeze a little lemon juice and add a bit of glycerine in it. Apply it on your face and wash after a few minutes. Lemon removes all dirt, grime and germs while glycerine retains skin moisture and acts as a toner.


Hair becomes the most unmanageable during monsoons, Exessive humidity, excessive seating and getting wet in the rain spells doom for the hair, making them frizzy, sheen less and limp. Common hair problems in monsoon are hair stickiness and dandruff.

Opt for a short hair cut or wear a style that falls just below your shoulders.

Avoid styling products for hair.

Wash your hair regularly with an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Instead of blow drying your hair after shampoo, use a leave-in-conditioner on hair shafts.

Never enter an air-conditioned room with your hair wet.

Home conditioning pack for hair

Mix well 1tsp.glycerine, 1tsp. curd, 1tsp. ground green gram and 1 egg yolk. Apply on hair for about an hour and wash off.


Avoid walking in dirty water puddles.

To prevent the incidence of fungal infections, keep your socks and shoes clean and wash your feet thoroughly and pat dry with a towel, after getting soaked in the rain.

Diabetics should be extra cautious about their feet this season.

A freshly prepared paste of turmeric, neem and sesame seeds is recommended in the Ayurveda for fungal infection between the toes.

Avoid leather shoes or high heels and instead go in for comfy slip-ons, sandals, sneakers and platform heels.


Cool and comfortable fabrics like cottons, linens and khakis are the ideal choice for monsoons.

Capris, short skirts, cargo pants and Bermudas are ideal clothes for this season.

Brighten up your dull monsoons with bright coloured clothes and flashy umbrellas and raincoats.

Colours in vogue for the monsoons are natural colours like blue, green and indigo.

Over embellished clothes are a strict no-no for this season.

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