Mashed Sweet Potatoes Vegan Recipe

Mashed Sweet PotatoesYou can try many vegan recipes of mashed sweet potatoes with different combination/ingredients. Below are some vegan recipes that are easy to make and taste simply delightful

Recipe 1:

Mashed Sweet Potatoes Vegan Garlic:


  • One floury potato (medium size), peeled and slice into one to two inch chunks
  • One sweet potato
  • Two to three garlic cloves, smashed after peeling
  • Three tbsp of olive oil
  • One-fourth tsp of salt
  • Nondairy milk
  • Grated fresh black pepper

Direction to prepare mashed sweet potatoes vegan garlic:

  1. Take a saucepan and fill it with water
  2. Now add sweet potatoes and the potatoes in the saucepan, boil and simmer until both the potatoes become tender
  3. Meanwhile, on low heat place a small saucepan
  4. Put oil in saucepan and add smashed garlic. Leave it to cook for around ten to twelve minutes to impart
  5. Note: While you have put the garlic on saucepan, make sure that it does not change its color. Therefore, keep the temperature low.
  6. Now back to potatoes, check with knife whether it is cooked or not.
  7. Drain water
  8. Take a medium bowl, put potatoes in it, and smash
  9. Add nondairy milk and mix well.
  10. Now put this potato and milk mixture in the oil pan
  11. Add the smashed garlic
  12. Mash the entire ingredient well together
  13. Add pepper and salt and again mix well
  14. Tip: you can also sprinkle a small amount of sea salt on top
  15. Serve

Recipe 2:

 Sweet Potatoes Vegan Whipped:

Sweet potatoes vegan whipped is made up of non-dairy ingredients. They are equally succulent and soft like dairy products. This sweet potatoes vegan whipped can be an apt dish for a Thanksgiving dinner. They are also suitable for any meal or when you are craving for sweet potatoes.


  • Four peeled sweet potatoes cut into small pieces
  • One cup of sour cream (non-dairy)
  • Two tbsp of vegan margarine
  • Half tsp of salt
  • Half tsp of garlic powder (optional)


  1. Take a pot and put water in it
  2. Add sweet potatoes, cover it and simmer
  3. Check after 19 to 12 minutes if the potatoes have become soft
  4. Drain the water from the pot
  5. Now take a bowl and transfer the potatoes in it
  6. Take an electronic mixer and mix the potatoes until it turns creamy and soft
  7. Now add vegan margarine and sour cream (non-dairy)
  8. Again, beat all the ingredients together until it becomes fluffy
  9. Season it according to your taste.