Make your own Body Lotions / SunScreen Lotions

Body lotions not only improve the colour of your skin but also protect it from the harmful effects of the sun by providing a screen between the skin and the sunrays. They are thus popularly known as sunscreen lotions.

Given below are some herbal receipes for making body lotions which you can easily make at home. Try one which suits your skin and likes. The following lotions are suitable for all skin types:

Almond Complexion Lotion


Almond oil — 1 tbsp
Carrot juice — 1 tsp
Extract of cornflower — 1 tsp
Glycerin — 2 tsps
Liquid paraffin — 1 tsp

Method: Heat the oil along with paraffin and mix in the rest of the ings. Shake well and apply. Let dry well and wash off with cold water preceded by lukewarm water.

Lime Body Lotion


Lime flowers — 25 gms
Distilled water — 250 ml
Sodium benzoate — ½ tsp

Method: Boil the flowers in water for about 1 hour. Strain and cool. Add the sodium benzoate and use as needed.

Sesame Body Lotion


Sesame oil — 40 ml
Almond oil — 10 ml
Olive oil — 10 ml

Method: Mix together all ings and apply onto the face and neck.

Witch-Hazel Lotion


Borax powder — 15 gm
Distilled water — 500 ml
Witch hazel extract — ½ cup
Alcohol — 1 cup

Method: Dissolve the borax powder in water. Let it cool, then stir with the remaining ings. Pour into an airtight bottle and use as needed.

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