Major Skin Problems & Remedies


As soon as we enter the threshold of adolescence, different parts of our body start developing. Pimples are the small, raised spots on the skin. They are caused due to excessive secretion of sebum oil from the oil glands of the skin.

Points to Remember:

• Do not neglect pimples. Take the necessary care as soon as they appear.
• Cut down on foods that are spicy and oil. Also avoid sweets.
• Use sulphur soap to keep oil glands clean.
• See to it that you clean your face free of make-up at night before retiring to bed.
• Steam your face once a week to keep the pores open.
• Never try bursting pimples since it causes septic and may leave behind permanent scars.
Herbal Remedies
• Daily intake of a spoonful of honey mixed with rose water helps clear pimples.
• Application of cucumber juice mixed with rose water also helps clear pimples.
• Prepare a paste of cumin seeds in water and apply it over the pimples.
• The milky juice of raw papaya applied on pimples also helps clear them.
• Application of paste of nutmeg with milk is also an effective anti-pimple formula.
• Application of a paste of rakta-chandan and turmeric made with milk also helps clear pimples.


These are formed when oil collects and hardens in the pores of the skin. Oily skin attracts dirt and sheds dead cells. The causes of blocked pores are dirt, sweat, oil and left-over make-up.

Due to blackheads, the pores get blocked and oil glands get infected resulting in pimples.

Points to Remember:

• Whenever you have blackheads, wash the face at least 5-6 times a day with plain water.
• Never try to prick because there are chances of the surrounding area getting infected and thus leaving behind permanent scars.
• Avoid foods that cause constipation.

Herbal Remedies:
• Boil 25 gms of brook-lime leaves in 250 ml of distilled water. Keep aside the mixture for about 2 hours and strain. Add to it J teaspoon of sodium benzoate and apply on the area affected with blackheads.
• Boil thyme or sage in water and mash well. Let cool and apply.


Acne is a deformed type of pimples. It is a chronic skin disease affecting the face, chest, shoulder backs and outer thighs. If pimples & re pinched with nails, infection is caused which causes septic. Acne grow, burst and then heal. The care is the same as that in the case of pimples.


White-heads are another form of acne. These are also caused due to excessive secretion of sebum oil and are in the form of small, pearly, white raised spots. White-heads appear in the areas where the skin is delicate, that is, under the eyes. The care is the same as for pimples and blackheads.


These are brownish spots on the skin due to precipitation of pigments or exposure to sun. They generally appear on the areas which are elevated, namely, nose, forehead and check-bones.

Herbal Remedies:

• Grind pumpkin seeds and mix with olive oil to make a paste. Apply this paste all over the face to keep the skin soft, fair and freckle-free.
• Grind equal quantities of sesame seeds and turmeric to a fine paste and apply on the face.
• Grind yellow mustard seeds in milk and apply over the face. Keep overnight and wash off the next morning.

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