Herbal Body Massage Oils/Creams

Make your own Herbal body massage oils and creams at home.

Almond Massage Oil

Almond Oil — ½ cup
Castor Oil — ½ cup
Camphor Oil — 1 tsp

Method: Combine together all oils, shake well and use as needed.

Superb Massage Cream


Sunflower oil — 4 tbsps
Camphor oil — 1 tbsp
Lanolin — 4 tbsps
Petroleum jelly — 2 tbsps

Method: Combine together the sunflower oil and lanolin. Heat this mixture over a low flame. Add the remaining things and mix well. Use as needed.

Rich Massage Oil


Olive oil — 2 tbsps
Castor oil — 2 tbsps
Baby oil — 2 tbsps
Almond oil — 2 tbsps

Method: Mix together all above ingredients and use as an all purpose massage oil.

Special Massage Oil


Almonds (ground) — 1 tbsp
Lemon peel (dried, ground & peeled) — 1 tbsp
Thyme (ground) — 1 tbsp
Wheat-germ flour — 4 tbsps
Allspice (ground) — Pinchful
Salt — Pinchful
Jasmine oil — Few drops
Almond oil — to make a paste

Method: Mix together all ings except almond oil. Then use sufficient almond oil to make a paste and use. This oil is excellent for cleansing the skin thoroughly and leaving it soft and shiny.

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