Herbal Beauty Receipes for the Eyes

To get rid of dark circles around the eyes.

Apply a slice of raw potato or radish juice on the eyes for a few days, daily.

• You can also apply a paste of pomegranate peel on and around your eyes and wash thoroughly after 15 minutes.

• Grate a cucumber, strain it and chill the juice thoroughly. Add to it an equal quantity of rose-water. Dip a piece of cotton- wool in this mixture and place on your eyes twice a day.

• The juice of freshly crushed mint leaves is also a good remedy.

To reduce Puffiness of eyes

Dip a piece of cotton-wool in the solution of witch-hazel and use as eye pads.

For eye freshness

To keep your eyes looking fresh keep a ball of cotton wool immersed in milk on top of your eyes daily at bedtime.

For Eye-Beauty

To keep your eyes ever-glowing, put 2-3 drops of pure rose water in your eyes daily.

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