Eye MakeUp Tips for the Best Effect!

How do you put eye make up to good use to hide the symptoms of being on the wrong side 50? You need special skills to draw attention to your eyes, but to still take attention away from the fact that there might be a few things there that betray your age. These eye makeup tips should help.

Going for the natural, unmade up look can often work. Of course, you’re not going to actually be unmade up. You’re just going to look that way. You need to first prepare your eyelids by using foundation under your eyes and on your eyelids.

Now you need to break out concealer and dab it on. It gives you a good bit of inner eye coverage. It covers any dark circles over. Using eye shadow that’s kind of golden in color can complete the look.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use a fine eyeliner to draw very close to your lash line on your upper eyelid, too. But this really isn’t necessary.

If you have close set eyes, it could be a good idea to take your liner a little past the outer corners of your eyes. Hollywood actresses often do  this (Lucy Liu for instance), and it can be a very beautiful effect. Aging may sometimes make one eye slightly smaller than the other. If this happens, you can use these same eye make up tips. You could just use your eyeliner to make the smaller eye a little more prominent.

It’s a great idea to go with the smoky eyed look when you’re trying to conceal few signs of age. You need to be very careful with how you do this. You don’t want to end up with a “panda” look.

You can start with your eyelids. With that on, you put foundation on both eyelids. A little illuminating cream concealer on the inner corners of your eyes could really cover over any dark circles. You could touch things up with translucent powder, and you’d be ready.

The next thing to do would be to pick up waterproof liner and draw around your eyes. You need to use the liner well on your and use a light hand on your outer eye area. Now comes the smoky part.

You need to pick up a smudger brush and brush your liner with gentle strokes. Do this all around your eyes, and you should be ready take up dance floor by storm.