Tips on What Exercises to Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

What exercises to get rid of belly fat?  This is an important question for people who are trying to get rid of their belly fat in order to have flatter stomach.

There are many suggestions as to the best work out methods to get a flatter belly however many of these exercises are only a waste of time. This is either because they don’t work at all, or they are not really intended as abs exercises.

The most effective belly fat exercises have very little to do with crunches, sit-ups, or abs work out tapes and various abdominal machines. Why so?

It’s because these exercises are designed to help tone muscle however they don’t do much about addressing your real problem – belly fat!

You cannot get rid of belly fat without the types of exercise that help burn fat and lose weight. Even then, there may still be some residual fat deposits on the abdominal area especially in the female body as this area is a natural fat storage area. This fact is stated here not as a means to discourage you or stop you from learning what exercises to get rid of belly fat, but to let you know that to address fat realistically and effectively, you have to adapt the right kinds of belly fat exercises.

So back to the question, what exercises to get rid of belly fat?

The answer to that is cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. Why?

These exercises help reduce overall fat – they encourage the body to remove fat from any part of the body that needs it. When doing cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, you will notice that there is greater fat loss on other parts of your body i.e. your thighs, hips, legs or upper body, before you notice any fat loss on your belly.

When burning fat, it is required that the heart rate is increased for a sustained period of time and this is best done with a number of aerobic exercises. These exercises can include:

  • Rowing
  • Bicycling
  • Brisk walking
  • Running
  • Jogging

For people wondering: what exercises to get rid of belly fat that you can do indoors?

If you prefer indoor exercises, you can make use of cross-training machines which are available in gyms or for homes. You can also utilize stationary bikes, cross-country ski machines, treadmills, etc. Aerobic dancing at gyms or with DVDs at home is also another option.

Belly fat exercises aim to raise the heart rate to a target rate and this is calculated in a number of different ways. People who are just starting an exercise program as well as those who have medical conditions should consult their physicians to help determine the safe starting target heart rate for them.

Exercises to Get Rid Of Belly FatWhen you reach the target heart rate, this must be maintained for about 15 to 20 minutes. This may need to be an ultimate goal and you may have to build up to it. Fat loss is attainable once you are able to exercise at your target heart rate for the desired time 3 to 4 times a week. Along with these exercises to get rid of belly fat, a reasonable diet should also be maintained. It is still a fact that exercise and diet goes hand in hand when it comes to getting rid of excess body fat.

Now that you know what exercises to get rid of belly fat, should you ignore those other “belly fat work out” routines? This is not recommended because although these exercises are really for toning, building muscle and adding muscle tone can actually help accelerate the fat burning process. This is especially so when combined with regular aerobic work outs.

One good way to help keep toned is to conclude each exercise session with some abdominal work outs.

Now that you know what exercises to get rid of belly fat, you can now start working to get a flatter, well trimmed stomach.