Diets for Women Should be all About the Superfoods!

Women who are interested in dieting and weight loss hear a lot about “superfoods” these days. That isn’t a real scientific term though; it’s a useful coinage by dieting gurus. They use the term to identify foods that are particularly helpful because they contain especially rich reserves of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. They hope that when they brand these foods this way, their target audience might especially pay attention. There are plenty of foods like these that they base special diets for women on.

At one time, diets for women got away with recommending nothing more than a couple of salads and with admonishing them to keep away from Burger King. Those days are long gone now. It’s all about packing more and more high-quality nutrition into your foods and doing away with foods that are not totally healthful.

Diets for women will often make the mistake of simply rounding up a couple of the best super foods and then pushing those. Instead, what we’re going to do, is to round everything up. Why should you just be on one kind of high-quality diet when you can have more?

  • Let’s start with kiwi. Growing up, you probably learned a lot about how oranges were the fruit of choice when it came to packing your diet with vitamin C. Researchers know better now. While oranges are still great for vitamin C, they push kiwi, guava and pineapple too, as better alternatives today. Whichever ones you might love out of these, you’ll do great. Kiwi, especially, has great amounts of vitamin E, a nutrient that you don’t find in many foods.
  • Dieting gurus are often afraid of pushing sweet potatoes. Most people will jump up in enthusiasm at the thought that sweet potatoes could be a superfood. They love it completely buried under a small mountain of butter, sugar and marshmallows. That’s not the kind of recipe that dieting gurus like though (as if you needed to be told). If you need a more regular healthy recipe, these are great for the vitamins E and C. If you don’t find that you are too crazy about sweet potatoes though, how about butternut squash or pumpkin?

There are plenty of other super foods – salmon, chocolate and garlic among them.

Some will wonder at the wisdom of having to go after all these foods when they can just get as much out of a couple of supplements each day.

That’s hardly the way to think though. These diets for women work on the benefits you get from taking whole, natural foods. Supplements rarely have everything that you need.