Cystic Acne Treatment

What is the best cystic acne treatment out there?

Cystic acne is also called nodulocystic acne which is basically the severe type of acne. When one suffers from cystic acne, the affected areas are dotted with painful cysts and filled with pus. Cystic acne causes severe discomfort to anyone affected.

Anyone, young or old, can get cystic acne however it is more commonly observed in adolescents and teenagers. The pus present in the affected areas is a result of bacterial infection on the skin.

Cystic acne treatment is necessary at the start of the condition because the toxins in these cysts can spread and cause severe infections. Before we discuss the various cystic acne treatment methods available, let us first look into what causes this skin condition.

 Causes of Cystic Acne

 The causes and symptoms of cystic acne are similar to that of other forms of acne. Some of the main causes of this severe type of acne are the following:

  • presence of a large number of acne causing bacteria on the skin
  • large number of dead skin cells
  • overactive oil glands

When a pore or hair follicle is clogged with dirt, oil and bacteria, there is a chance that the wall that surrounds the follicle will rupture and cause pus to form on that affected area.

Habits like eating processed fatty foods, unhygienic habits and drinking alcohol are considered risk factors for developing cystic acne.

Now that we know the causes of cystic acne, let us move on to the subject of what can treat this condition.

Cystic acne can be cured completely when recognized or diagnosed in its early stages. Late treatment of this condition does not give good results. When it comes to cystic acne treatment, medical help is necessary and home remedies alone is not enough. A doctor will usually prescribe certain medications like isotretinoin and oral antibiotics. Surgery may also be advised for serious cystic acne. Intralesional corticosteroid injections can also treat certain cystic acne cases. Intralesional corticosteroid is a process where the doctor injects medication directly into the acne lesions.

There is no known definite treatment for cystic acne and cystic acne treatment varies from one patient to another. In order to accelerate the healing process of the lesions and control acne, you should also follow certain home treatments other than these medical treatments.

Cystic Acne TreatmentThe following are some home remedies that can help alleviate the symptoms of cystic acne:

  •  Fruits – eating fresh fruits helps your skin a lot but aside from eating fruits, making face mask out of fruits is also helpful in treating cystic acne. You can make use of mango and lemon to make a fruit face mask which you can apply on the affected area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before washing off. You may also add ingredients like neem powder and turmeric on this homemade face mask.
  •  Aloe vera – this plant is very versatile and has a lot of benefits when it comes to treating various skin ailments. To use aloe vera as a cystic acne treatment, apply the aloe vera gel over the affected area. Aloe vera is considered as among the best cystic acne treatments out there without side effects.
  •  Honey and aspirin – another homemade cystic acne treatment is the combination of aspirin and honey. Crush an aspirin tablet and create a paste by mixing some water. Apply this paste on the affected area and leave on for a few minutes before washing off. After washing, apply honey to soothe the skin.

Treating acne is not enough, you should also make it a point to take good care of your skin so as to avoid scars and marks as well as future acne breakouts. Aside from these cystic acne treatment tips, eating healthy and drinking lots of water can also help clear your skin by removing toxins from your body. Prior to adopting any home remedy for acne, you should first speak with a dermatologist.