Contact Lenses

Eyes, they say are the mirror of your mind. And if you want your eyes to reflect your moods through color the contact lenses are the answer. Smoky blue for the sensual look, wild brown for the nice n’ naughty look, deep black for passion and mystery… In a matter of minutes, almost as fast as your moods change, you can change the color of your eyes.

So how much are you aware of color contact lenses? Read on and get an eyeful of the wonderful world of color contact lenses.

Natural Look

Today, the best color contact lenses, are designed to capture natural depth and complexity. For best results choose a lens that offers you blended colors as these reproduce the natural variations of eye color tones more realistically.

Colors Galore

It is best to select colors that complement your hair color and skin tone. Disposable lenses offer you a variety of tones and shades to give you a colors change that ranges from the subtle to the dramatic. If you have light colored eyes, you can opt for a lens of a totally different color for a more striking yet realistic change. In effect, this means you have the flexibility of choosing several colures to match your mood, outfit, or the occasion .

For dark eyes make sure that you are wearing an opaque colors lens and not an enhancer. This will ensure that your eyes are covered completely

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