5 proven ways for how to stop food cravings

Food cravings are a major barrier in achieving the ideal weight that you have always dreamt of. No matter how much you plan your meals and exercise, food cravings can cause you to reach for the cookie jar and ruin all your hard work. So here are five tips that you could use to beat your craving

Firstly, keep your mind occupied. Fill your time with activities such as jogs in the parks or take up some classes such as yoga. Wellbeing of the body promotes wellbeing of the mind.

Secondly, always eat a well balanced meal. Remember to have three square meals a day. When they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they were not lying. Once you skip breakfast, you are offsetting your whole body clock. You won’t be energetic the whole day and more likely to give to your food cravings by the time lunch comes.

Thirdly drink water. Water has no calories. Isn’t that amazing? So every time your body is crying for food, silence its demands by drinking a glass of water. Not only you are avoiding the calls of your stomach, you are also feeding it with a healthy alternative.

Fourthly, keep the junk food out of the house! You are less likely to snack if the foods are not readily available in your kitchen. But instead, fill up your pantry or your refrigerator with fruits or healthy cereal!

Lastly, if the urge ever kicks in, wait it out. Keep on delaying your urges with other activities. For example, your body is loudly asking for food, call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while to have a little chat. Your body will slowly learn to adapt and you will be on the road to recovery!