4 Tips to Brighten Up your Dull & Tired skin

Dull, tired and stressed skin is something which we all hate. Dryness overrides the skin’s natural glow and is considered to be the prime reason for aging signs to develop on the skin.

Exposure to heat during daytime, dry air without any moisture, spending a long time in air-conditioned rooms, hard work with improper sleep are some of the reasons why skin becomes rough, dry and flaky.

In-order to combat skin dryness, we use expensive moisturizers, face washes, cleansers and several other beauty products. But instead of giving the intended results, they always end up worsening the condition. Exposing your skin to harmful chemicals on a regular basis, would never help you to gain anything.

The cosmetics clog up the skin pores which may cause inflammation and scars on the skin.

Dont you worry to much.

Here, I will provide you with some simple tips on how to brighten up your dry and stressed skin to get back the lovely glowing skin which you always wished for. Here it goes –

1. Detoxication of your skin

This process just requires a soft brush. After you wake up in the morning, fetch some time for yourself, as this method could be a bit lengthy. Start brushing from your legs and advance upwards.

Brushing should be directed towards the heart, in order to increase blood circulation in the body. This will help your skin epidermal cells to receive better oxygen supply for themselves. This method is mainly practiced in some European countries.

2. Always try to use dermatologically recommended moisturizers for your skin.

This will avoid any complications which may occur due to its regular application on skin. There are many moisturizers available in the market which are clinically tested and have minimum side-effects. Choosing a good moisturizer for your dry skin is largely important.

3. Wash your face regularly with cold water.

Cold water helps to stimulate the nerve fibres to increase blood circulation. Increase in blood circulation helps you to combat dryness.

4. Applying clay masks on your face

It helps you to eliminate harmful toxins and remove unwanted chemicals from your dry and dull skin. This will help you to get the desired results you want.

These were some important tips that would help you in getting rid of dull and tired skin.